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Hello, and Welcome to Graham’s Sports Crackers

Hello. My name is Graham, and welcome to my blog, Graham’s Sports Crackers. I’m an avid fan of DFW teams, such as the Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and Dallas Mavericks, but because I go to school at USC, I also bleed cardinal and gold.

While I’m mainly going to be writing about sports, a few of my blog posts will include my experiences in the broadcast journalism industry, as I am currently interning at KTVT (CBS 11 and TXA 21) in Fort Worth, and my summer course requires me to write about the industry. I have to make sure I do this right, because, I don’t want to fail a pass/fail summer course because I didn’t read the instructions, because, you know, that would be embarrassing (and two credits I don’t earn!).

Anyway, it’s late in May, and normally I’d solely be watching the Texas Rangers during this time, and participating in the Gameday Threads on Lone Star Ball (Hi everyone!), but holy Hell how about them Mavericks?!

Dirk's thinking, "What's that? You think I'm soft? Oh wait, I just scored 40 points twice this round."

Dirk Nowitzki has been a monster riDIRKulous in the playoffs this year, and it’s just been awesome to watch him play. But, I can’t go on and not mention that the rest of the team, including Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, JJ Barea, and Peja Stojakovic, just to name a few who have come up big in the playoffs. The good people over at Mavs Moneyball will welcome any Mavs fan (and any NBA sports fan, for that matter, if you don’t troll), and it’s a great community to be in. One great feature of Mavs Moneyball is DOH’s Post-game Quotes, which include quotes from selected people from both teams, but also include pictures of the game with hilarious captions (kind of like the LOLcat format).

And I just visited that blog, and somebody, who is a Kings fan, created this:

Credit goes to SB Nation user Aykis16, who is a Kings fan, and apparently gifted at digital graphics.

Awesome. This also should be the statue in AT&T Plaza of Dirk when he retires, which hopefully won’t be for a while. The man deserves one.

While the Mavericks are the obvious talk of the town here in Big D, I should go back to the Rangers, and talk about last night’s game. Somehow, despite baseball-sized hail, and tornadic activity heading towards Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, the umpires decided to resume the game. Yes, after a 2 hour, 58 minute rain delay, caused by three severe thunderstorms barraging the DFW area, spawning quite a few tornadoes, causing me to actually duck and cover in my pantry in anticipation of the tornado coming to my area (according to my NOAA weather radio), the game resumed. Many of the fans had already left, and props to those who stuck it out. I’m inclined to believe you all are diehards like me, but do really not have anything else to do? The game ended around 1:45 last night. Damn. Oh and we lost too…damn you Carlos Quentin for hitting three home runs last night…

Now, I bring last night’s game up because a couple weeks ago, another rain storm rolled in to the DFW area, which appeared far less severe than last night’s storms, after about 2 hours, with the weather looking like it will clear out in thirty minutes or so, the umpires called the game. What’s infuriating about this? The Rangers were leading 7-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning, and neither team was playing the next day. Mitch Moreland hit his first career grand slam off Gio Gonzalez, a pretty decent pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, and it won’t count for anything, because a game isn’t official if it doesn’t go at least to the top of the fifth. Come on! Really?! I still don’t understand…

Booo...I don't like you.

Despite how badly the past month has been for the Rangers, they’re still in first place in the division, although by a very slim margin. In any other division in the Majors, that probably definitely wouldn’t be the case. Josh and Nellie, we missed you…so much.

And now for something completely different.

I’ve been interning at KTVT for about two weeks now, working in the sports news department, and I’m going to go later today in a couple of hours. Overall, the environment has been great. I’m still in the learning process, as I’m eventually, I think, going to be editing highlight segments for either teasers, the 6:00 CBS 11 News broadcast, the 8:30 TXA 21 broadcast for The Fan, or the 10:00 CBS 11 News broadcast. It’s going to take some time to really master Avid News Editor and edit news segments in quick fashion that the studio demands, so I need to pay strict attention to what the editors do and learn all the shortcut keys to make using the program much easier.

The coolest thing I got to do so far is drive to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and go to the clubhouse. One of the guys I work with approached me and said “Can you get to the ballpark in thirty minutes?” I didn’t hesitate to say yes, because I’ve been following the Rangers since I was 8, and now I’m given the opportunity to go to the clubhouse as a member of the media? Of course I’m gonna go! I luckily had no trouble getting to the ballpark in time, and managed to find the media entrance easily, thanks to the instructions from camerman I was holding the microphone for. It took every ounce of effort I had to not jump up and down like a 5-year old kid when I went inside the clubhouse and see the team. I got to participate in player interviews of Michael Young, Nelson Cruz (who apparently wears braces on his teeth), and AL MVP Josh Hamilton.

I'm a man on a mission.

The interview with Hamilton was very disappointing, because reporters were asking him questions like “Do you think you’re fragile?” Why the hell would you ask a condescending question like that to the guy who gives it his all every game for the team? I mean, come on. He just came back to the team, which was badly in need of reinforcements, after a month on the DL, and you’re going to try to make him feel like crap the day he gets back? Props to Josh for listing everything he’s injured and saying he wouldn’t change the way he plays, which is very aggressive, to say the least. As a fan, I want him to be giving it his all, but at the same time, I don’t want him to do anything reckless. Why? Because we can’t afford to lose him. The guy knows how to handle the media very well, from what I saw in that interview.

Now I should mention the Dallas Stars, and the process of the sale that seems to never end. I can’t believe one man, who will not be named, can screw up three teams because he can’t keep up with loans. The Stars have missed the playoffs three years in a row, which doesn’t seem like much compared to teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose fans, from what I’ve seen, put up with no playoffs very well. However, Dallas likes winners. It’s been said before, and it still rings true. And if teams aren’t winning, attendance will drop. People wonder if the Stars will move because of the ownership crisis. Here’s my answer: NO WAY IN HELL. The Stars are contractually obligated to the American Airlines Center for over ten more years, and damn it we were so close this year. Damn you Minnesota…

By the way, Stars fans, check out Defending Big D. Best online community of Stars fans…ever.

Another reason I don’t think the Stars will move? The Rangers. They didn’t make the playoffs for OVER A DECADE. They’re sill here. I stuck with them through those years, but didn’t go to a game for five years between 2004 and 2009, but still watched them every day on TV. That doesn’t make as bad of a fan, right? Okay let’s not kid ourselves. I probably should have gone to a game sometime between those five years, but what’s done is done. I went to an away game last year in Anaheim (who has a very nice stadium, by the way), and we won 2-1, which was awesome. And I also went to the epic Boston Red Sox-Texas Rangers game in which Josh Hamilton pretty much saved our ass, with Nelson Cruz taking the first pitch by Tim Wakefield out to the left field seats in the bottom of the 11th. Best game I’ve ever been to, hands down.

And…the NFL’s under a lockout, so I don’t think there’s too much to talk about here. Go Cowboys! Tyron Smith (Fight on!), I can’t wait to see you in Cowboy blue (because UCLA blue is…awful).

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I will try to update this as often as I can (or before my deadlines) to provide my insights to the sporting world, and beyond…



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