Monthly Archives: October 2011

It’s the Best Time of the Year

September 1: I had to take a hiatus from writing since this has been a really crazy month for me.

As soon as my internship with KTVT/KTXA finished, I had to fly out to Los Angeles to move in to my apartment. Now, my exit from KTVT was not so glorious, but that was not due to a falling out with the newsroom staff. Nothing like that, I assure you all. I had to leave the newsroom abruptly because I was not feeling well. At all. The energy was completely sucked out of me, and for five days I was completely miserable. In fact, I wrote my previous post at the newsroom while I was under the weather, which explains why it is significantly shorter than my other posts.

Well, I left the newsroom on my last day,  and went straight to the doctor. Turns out, I had gastroenteritis. Yes, this is as nasty as it sounds. It’s not the worst thing somebody can contract, but do not let this go untreated. That whole first night I was absolutely miserable. I went to bed around 12 the night I came down with it. From 12 am to 10 pm, I maybe got a total of three hours of sleep. I spent the other nine hours in the bathroom wondering what was wrong with my digestive tract.

Thankfully, I’m over it, and now I can continue living life as a junior in college. Holy cow. I’m a junior in college. It feels like yesterday I was starting the first week of classes as a freshman at USC, fresh off my first band camp with the Trojan Marching Band. What a wild couple of years it has been.

I love this time of the year. Hockey season starts, NFL starts, and college football starts. You may ask me, “Graham, how do you get excited for college football even though your team won’t go to a bowl game?” Well, here’s why. We have a lot of young recruits on our team this year; in fact, our recruiting class last year was at or near 30. Yes. 30. I want to know how well this class does because once those scholarship reductions kick in, our recruiting is going to have to be very selective, and this class will have to be the leaders of the team in a couple of years.

I’m also really excited for college football to start because I’m in the band. We are the soundtrack to the game! It’s been said often enough, but Tribute to Troy is such a well-known annoyance to opposing teams that they will practice while a recording of Tribute to Troy is playing over speakers. That just shows we are already in their heads. Not only do they have to deal with the USC defense, but they have to deal with the Spirit of Troy! Somebody asked me whether or not I get annoyed from playing both Fight On! and Tribute to Troy so often during games. No way! If it’s annoying the opposing team and their fans, too bad! We are the Spirit of Troy, and this is what we do.

Ocotber 9: Dang. I wrote everything above last month, saving it as a draft thinking I’d publish it the next day. Nope. Just now getting to continuing this post, but I’ll sum it up quickly.

Go Rangers.

Go Stars.

Fight on Trojans.

I’ll post more frequently, I promise.