Monthly Archives: December 2011

Matt Barkley staying at USC

Today is a great day to be a Trojan. Under sanctions, this year we went 10-2, with huge victories at Notre Dame, and at Oregon, the latter of which I have not stopped telling people about. Since next year will also be my senior year, I am, to say the least, extremely excited.

Now, with Matt Barkley staying at USC for his senior season, and our first year free from our bowl ban, there will be a lot to look forward to for USC fans. I hope every game at the Coliseum next year is filled to the brim. I know the student section, and the Spirit of Troy will be ready. Will you?

Fight on Trojans.


Mouth Surgery…Ow

So, I got a gum graft today. Thankfully it went smoothly and I didn’t feel anything during the procedure. They gave me local anesthetics so I was awake for the whole thing. Thankfully I could not see what the periodontist was doing. That might not have been a pleasant experience.

Now, however, I have to resort to smoothies and other foods that don’t require that much chewing. I’ve got quite a few stitches in my mouth, and while I could theoretically live with how sore my mouth is without taking painkillers, it’s not ideal.

So, time for a Mythbusters marathon, and a copious amount of Jamba Juice.