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NHL Skills Competition 2012: Jamie Benn Shines, Patrick Kane is Superman, and Zdeno Chara Shoots 200 Miles Per Hour

While most Dallas Stars fans know about Jamie Benn, it’s safe to say not many others in North America do.

If you were watching today, you’d know about him now.

Benn put on a fantastic show today, winning the Accuracy Shooting Competition for Team Chara. In the first round, he hit the four targets in 13.6 seconds, the fastest time of anybody in that round, earning him a spot in the final round of the competition. He actually did better his second time around, hitting the four targets in five shots in 10.2 seconds.

You can watch it here.

I’d say…pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty good.

Benn also did extremely well in the Skills Challenge Relay, hitting three one-timers in three tries from a difficult angle near the goal line. For his first All-Star appearance, he did phenomenal in the skills competition.

Oh, and did I mention he did this after an appendectomy? Yeah.

I also can’t remember the last time a Dallas Star has won a skill competition during the All-Star Game festivities. If anybody does know, put that in the comments (with links, I want you to post credible stuff).

Earlier in the competition, the Breakaway Competition took place. Overall, it was kind of dull in the beginning. The players taking shots just seemed a little timid in their attempts to impress the fans with their trick shots, but the goalies made up for it with their antics, especially Carey Price and Brian Elliot. However, we did see this hilarious (and legal) shot by Patrick Kane.

This was a great thing to see and it got the fans excited for the rest of the events.

I will also set aside my contempt for Corey Perry and post his trick shot, because I also thought this was legitimately funny.

Patrick Kane won the event by fan vote, and Corey Perry came in second. I voted for Kane.

And then came the Hardest Shot Competition. Everyone predicted, correctly, that it would come down to Zdeno Chara and Shea Weber. Chara’s been the champion the last four times, and also held the record for hardest shot at 105.9 MPH. A big question was whether or not he could break it. Here’s his second shot tonight. It’s unbelievable.

If you want some perspective as to how fast that is, if you drove that fast, and got caught, you’d probably have your license revoked.

Shea Weber also shot 106 MPH, breaking Chara’s record last year. But, it still doesn’t match Chara’s second fastest shot: 107 MPH. Good lord. Jamie Oleksiak, can you get to the NHL sooner?

It was yet again another fantastic Skills Competition put together by the NHL All-Stars. Can’t wait for the game tomorrow at 1 PM PST on NBC Sports Network (if anybody has that channel, can I watch at your place?).


New Segment of “Graham’s Week in Review”

Second installment of “Graham’s Week in Review” will be uploaded tonight. Just recorded the video and will have it out later once it’s all put together. In the meantime, I have class.

UPDATE: I lied. I’m sorry. Video, once again, is taking way longer than I anticipated. First draft is done. I’ll try to get it out as soon as possible.

DOUBLE UPDATE: The video is up.