Redesigning the Dallas Stars Uniforms

I loved the Dallas Stars uniforms from the late 1990s to 2007 (with the exception of the horrific “Mooterus” uniform they used from 2003-2006, my God those were hideous). When the NHL decided before the 2007-2008 season to switch to the current uniforms, the Stars were pretty much hosed because the star outline would not fit the design of the uniforms. Well, that’s what they were told. Montreal Canadiens fans were not pleased with the switch either because they were afraid they couldn’t use their classic stripe at the bottom of the uniform, but that didn’t amount to much.

While most teams unveiled uniforms that were basically the same as the previous year, the Stars uniforms underwent a radical change. No more Stars logo. Now, on the front, was the word “DALLAS” and the number of the player underneath. There were no alternate uniforms that year for anyone, but based on the last alternate uniform the Stars wore, fans like me didn’t want to see what they had in store. Sure enough, the next year, the alternate uniforms were basically a white version of the home blacks, with “DALLAS” on the front. To me, it just seemed like a lazy effort.

There were talks last year of the Stars submitting a third jersey for this season, but those were suspended due to the ownership crisis at the time. Thankfully, now that that’s all said and done, perhaps Gaglardi and co. can get a staff working on a new jersey for the team.

Some teams, like the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Nashville Predators, have completely changed their jerseys this season. The Buffalo Sabres, however, went back in time and brought back their original logo with a slightly modified color scheme (trust me, their fans really hated the Buffaslug).

So, what will the Stars do? It’s always fun to see what fans have in mind, right? Well, here are some concepts I am a fan of, with proper credit given where it’s due:

New home jerseys (Defending Big D’s Cole Jones with the design)

Home Jerseys

Road Jerseys

I like these. They’re simple and classy, and they bring back the “Dallas” on the pants that the team used for the first six years. Not sure why those went away. Not to mention, GREEN! I think there certainly was inspiration from this design.

But, what about the alternates? Well, if the Stars want to pay homage to their roots, and anger a lot of people in Minnesota still bitter from Norm Green moving the North Stars to Dallas, they should use these (courtesy of Kris Lutes):

Wouldn't this be a great Winter Classic jersey?

I’m not sure how much of an impact fan designs will have on the decision the staff in charge of all this makes regarding uniforms. But if the Stars were to announce they were changing uniforms in future seasons, let’s hope they see what we have to offer.


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