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These Are A Few of My Favorite Gifs

Hey faithful readers. This is just a quick little post showcasing a few .gifs I’ve created over the last few months, some with additions made to them. If your browser loads slowly, it’s not your internet, but rather the page loading since .gifs are huge files.

And now, in no particular order, a few of my favorite .gifs I’ve made.

Jamie Benn Breaks the Glass

Context: Opening night of the 2011-2012 NHL season. No Richards? No problem. Jamie Benn’s got this, and he’s going to do more than just score goals. Even though this is his third year in the NHL, this hit established the theme of Jamie Benn’s season: If you didn’t know about Jamie Benn then, you do now.

Mike Napoli Trolls the Angels

Context: Mike Napoli just hit a 2-run home run, his second of the game, off his former team to put the Rangers ahead 3-1 in the Top of the 9th in the last game of the MLB regular season. The Rangers won that game to earn second place in the American League, which proved to be crucial in their trip to their second consecutive World Series appearance. This .gif has it all. Just look at Mike Napoli’s smile! And to top it off, Scioscia Face! Oh and yes, I did add the troll face in the end.

UCLA Logo Stabbed

Context: This was a short clip taken from the Pac-12 Conference’s official athletic rivalry video released in the Summer of 2011. It was awesome. But, in early September 2011, Bruins Nation cried foul over this segment of the video, claiming that the video depicted UCLA as weak by showing their logo being stabbed by the USC Drum Major. After the Pac-12 announced they were going to edit the video, taking this segment out, many USC fans, like myself, weren’t too happy that the Pac-12 gave in to a Bruin sport blog’s demands. So, I decided to save the video to my computer before it got pulled from YouTube (maybe it’s still there, I haven’t checked) and made this .gif. So now, everyone can see the USC Drum Major stab the UCLA logo repeatedly until they decide to go to another webpage.

Mike Modano Hoists The Stanley Cup

Context: None needed. Stars fans, if any Canucks, Blues, Sabres, Panthers, Blue Jackets (lol), Predators, Wild, Kings, Sharks, Jets or Coyotes fan decides to talk trash, show them this. Who cares if it happened back in 1999? I’m no mathematician, but 1>0.

Jamie Benn…Are You Kidding Me?

Context: This is one of the best goals of Jamie Benn’s young career. Granted, it was against Columbus, who sports a -61 goal differential, but here’s the thing: Jamie Benn won a 1 vs. 5 battle and embarrassed every Blue Jacket on the ice. Yes, it takes a Blue Jacket defense a special kind of bad to let that happen, but it also takes a special kind of awesome to pull that off. I decided to add some cinematic flair to it, just because I could.

Mike Ribeiro Presents: Six Shades of Sexy

Context: This was an overtime winner by Mike Ribeiro against the Calgary Flames on February 13, 2012. Mike Ribeiro wasn’t really known for having a MONSTER of a slap shot, until he launched this rocket past Mikka Kiprusoff. What makes this goal even better was Ribeiro moving his stick behind his back while somehow simultaneously maintaining control of the puck! I cut to the high-speed slow-motion shot so everyone can appreciate just how fast that puck went, which according to my rough calculations, was 98 miles per hour. For a guy his size, that’s simply incredible.

Again, these are a few of my favorite .gifs. If your internet has not crashed by now, congratulations. If it has, well, you probably aren’t reading this part of the post.

Next week, I’ll have the next installment of Graham’s Week in Review! And guess what? It’ll feature another special guest! I know I haven’t had a video in quite some time, but that’s because I’ve been a responsible college student and focused on my academics. I promise you, this will be awesome.


Dallas Stars Trade Nicklas Grossman to the Philadelphia Flyers; Now They Should Go For Jeff Carter

The Stars traded defenseman Nicklas Grossman to the Philadelphia Flyers today in exchange for a 2012 2nd Round pick, and a 2013 3rd Round pick. Grossman is an unrestricted free agent after this season, and had been struggling as of late. This move today did not come as a surprise to me, which is unfortunate for Grossman. He was a big physical presence for the Stars, but he just could not handle the puck well at times, it seems. I can think of three instances in the last two months in which his puck-handling gaffes have led directly to goals by the opposition. That’s not fair, obviously, since those are limited events. But the opposition was able to capatilize on his mistakes, and they ended up in the back of the Dallas Stars net. Ultimately, the scoreboard is what matters the most.

Nicklas, I wish you well in Philly. I’m sorry your time here in Dallas was cut short.

I think this is a great trade for the Stars, since they get draft picks in compensation for losing Grossman.

I also have a hunch as a result of this trade, which is I believe the Stars are going for somebody big now, like Columbus Blue Jacket centre Jeff Carter.

Jeff Carter

Why Jeff Carter and not Rick Nash? Well, while either player will be under control for longer than three years, Rick Nash’s cap hit is $7.8 million, while Jeff Carter’s is $5.3 million. So, going for Jeff Carter is the more cost-effective approach to this. Either way, if the Stars were to get either player, they wouldn’t violate any cap restrictions, as they are basically operating at the Cap Floor. However, the Stars will have to give up a King’s Ransom to get the Blue Jackets captain to join the Stars, and it will more than likely backfire on the Stars even though they will have a superstar on the team. I personally don’t think that’s worth it.

Will the Stars have to give up a lot to get Carter as well? Oh no question. Columbus gave up a lot to get him from the Philadelphia Flyers last offseason, so they’re going to be looking for something similar in return if teams want him. If the Stars are really active in a pursuit for Jeff Carter, like I hope they are, it’s very likely they’re going to have to give Columbus a first round pick, among other pieces to a potential trade, but they won’t have to destroy the farm to get him. Also, no disrespect to Steve Ott, but the Stars can finally take him off the top line and give Jamie Benn a center he can work with. Also, perhaps the Stars can move Loui Eriksson back to the top line with Jamie Benn.

What only fuels my speculation that General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk isn’t done is this quote by him at a press conference before tonight’s game against the Calgary Flames, when somebody asked him if he thinks the Stars will be “Sellers” at the Trade Deadline:

“Well, I don’t really like the term and I know everyone wants to talk about that. I just think today is an isolated case and it shows that we’re going to be active. We’re going to look at things that make our hockey club better going forward and if things present themselves that do that, we’ll take a strong look at it. But I think it just shows today that this is not an indication that we’re going to be sellers. This is an indication that we’re going to be active and listen to everybody.

To me, that means Joe Nieuwendyk is pursuing another trade, and perhaps a bigger one than today.

None of this speculation will really matter if nothing comes to fruition. I don’t usually write about potential trades, because I don’t want to write something that will look horrible later on if it turns out to be completely wrong. That’s the risk I’m willing to take writing this. For some reason, I am convinced Joe is going to make a big move. It all seems set up for it.