A Look at Every NHL Arena’s Goal Celebrations — Part 1

This is one of the more quirky things about me. I have a huge fascination with team goal horns. I always have since I was a kid. In fact, I would videotape games with the VCR, fast forward to a part in which the home team scored, and then I would use a toy tape recorder to record the goal horns. Then I would play hallway hockey, using pucks made of foil, big plastic spoons and for sticks, and the front door as the goal, and my pillows as goalie pads, and whenever my brother shot a puck past me, I’d hit the play button and whatever goal horn was cued up would go off.

I think I’ve illustrated how much goal horns meant to me as a kid.

So now, what I will do is give my insights into all 30 NHL team’s goal horns and songs. However, I will have to break these into two posts, because I will break your browser if I write it all in one post.

Here’s part one.

Anaheim Ducks

I’m honestly not a big fan of this goal horn at all. It’s a fog horn you’d more than likely hear on a tug boat, which I think would be okay if it weren’t at such a low frequency (a low F, if you were curious). The song used afterwards does give the whole presentation of the Ducks goal a little more energy, but overall, it’s just…average.

Boston Bruins

This is…so unoriginal. It’s really a shame. Their old horn was FIERCE. (See what I mean by how much I’m obsessed with goal horns?) Why could they not keep that one?

To be honest, when the Bruins score, it actually sounds like the arena is playing a recording of it instead of using an actual horn. Lame. However, Bruins fans hear it go off a lot, so I’m sure they don’t mind. But, from a hockey aesthetics standpoint, it gets a thumbs down from me.

I do like the song, though. For those of you unaware of what it is, and have always wanted to know, it’s Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant Remix). And…now it’s stuck in my head.

C# tone fog horn count: 1

Buffalo Sabres

Ah. I really like this horn. It’s fierce, and loud, and one of the oldest goal horns in existence. This horn really screams “GOOOOOOOOOAL!”

It’s also one of the most recognizable horns in the league. However, I can understand it if people got this horn mixed up with Nashville’s, which I’ll get to later on in this post, since they sound very similar.

Apparently Buffalo changed their goal song in the middle of the season, so here’s the current one, per Buffalo fans.

Calgary Flames

I’ve always like this horn as well, even though it was the same horn that the Philadelphia Flyers used a few years ago (not sure why that changed either, but I digress).

The goal song is Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand,” which is hilariously awesome. Not only is it catchy and cheery for the fans to sing along to, but it annoys the hell out of the opposing team. My only suggestion would be to change “Barbra Streisand” to “Let’s go Flames,” and it’s gold.

See, Anaheim, this is the right F frequency to use to make a good goal horn.

Also, bonus points for the whole arena flashing red. I’ve always found that cool.

Carolina Hurricanes

This one’s a weird one. The goal horn sounds like…two foghorns clashing with each other. I don’t think that sounds all that great, honestly.

Yes. That is Rick Flair WOOOOOOing a Carolina Hurricanes goal. Because, if you want to stick out, you gotta have Rick Flair leading the crowd.

But then there’s…was that Fred Flinstone? Um…Chewbacca? Okay…Oh…that was Homer Simpson…alright…and…who was that? *looks up on Google* Oh…should have known THAT guy…(it’s apparently comedian Andrew Dice Clay).

There is a lot going on in that. I didn’t believe the video until I went into NHL Gamecenter and picked a Hurricanes goal. This video is legitimate.

Chicago Blackhawks

And…now I’ve lost Sharks and Canucks fans…

This is my second favorite goal horn. This baby is LOUD! Chicago has been using that goal horn since they were in the old Madhouse on Madison, and I can see why. It’s another one of the most memorable goal horns in the whole league. I chose that clip hyperlinked a few lines above to demonstrate how unbelievably loud it is. That particular game was insane. Marian Hossa scoring in overtime sent United Center into an absolute frenzy. You can hear the goal horn over all 20,000+ fans screaming at the top of their lungs in jubilation. Damn.

And then there’s The Fratellis’ Chelsea Dagger. This song is perfect. Canucks fans, Sharks fans, Predators fans, pretty much the entire league hates it when it plays.

Colorado Avalanche

Why oh why did the Avalanche switch goal horns back in 2003/2004? I hate this horn. It’s just…dull. It’s loud, but it leaves a lot to be desired. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, that sounds just like Boston’s horn.” But you’d be wrong! It’s in a different note! Boston’s is in C#, while Colorado’s is in C! Yeah, I know. Big difference.

I really liked their old horn. They should have kept that one, in my opinion. As a Stars fan, this thing is awesome. Much more menacing than their current one.

Columbus Blue Jackets

This is my favorite horn to make fun of, mostly because it’s the Blue Jackets. I chose a highlight video (unfortunately they scored on the Stars, but what gives?) because none of the videos I’ve searched through were correct.

Where do I start with this? Here’s the rest of the horn since the highlight cuts it off.

  • First of all, it’s another C# foghorn, but this one is special. Either I’m crazy, which is always a possibility, or this horn actually modulates higher in pitch as it’s blasting. It’s almost as if the goal horn is saying “goooooooooooal?” as in “Holy cow the Blue Jackets scored?”
  • Second of all, it’s really short. Come on, Blue Jackets…you just scored! Blast that thing to your heart’s content!
  • Then there’s a really short segment of “For Those About to Rock, We Salute You.” Yes, that’s a cannon you hear in the middle of the pause.
  • Then it transitions into Locksley’s “The Whip.” People league-wide are complaining that this song is becoming the new Rock and Roll Part 2 (or “The Hey Song”).

I have many reasons to make fun of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Its goal horn is one of those reasons. It’s hilariously bad.

I just watched the end of the Kings-Blue Jackets game. Apparently it modulates up when they start blaring the horn, but when they blare it again, it stays at C#. That’s weird.

C# Goal Horn Count: 2

UPDATED 2-13-2013: Link died, and is now restored.

Dallas Stars

I may be a little biased, but the Stars have the best goal horn. Teams should be glad the Stars don’t blast it as long as they used to. Yeah, that was 20 seconds of victorious loudness blaring in your face. It does help that Reunion Arena was a smaller venue, so it compacted the blast of the horn. The fact you can hear the horn over 17,001 screaming fans about to see their team go to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since the team moved to Dallas illustrates just how loud it is.

Like most teams in the NHL, the Stars moved away from Rock and Roll Part 2 and now use “The Whip.” However, the Stars incorporated a “Let’s Go Stars!” chant in the song. So, they’re different!

The Stars also added a siren this year, which grew on me. After all, the Stars first goal horn was a siren, so perhaps it’s a tribute to that.

It’s always fun to look at old games and hear this goal horn blare in such triumphant moments for the Stars. Makes me smile every time.

Detroit Red Wings

I respect-hate the Wings with a passion. But, their goal horn is awesome.

Once again, like Chicago’s, Dallas’s, and Buffalo’s, Detroit’s goal horn is one of the most recognizable horns in the league. It is also ridiculously loud. The architecture of Joe Louis Arena does help compact the sound quite a bit, as it’s one of the smaller and older venues in the league, but it also blares louder than 19,000 screaming fans celebrating Red Wing goals. That’s got a lot of power to it.

Now the video I have linked above is about 5 minutes long because there are apparently different songs used for different situations at Joe Louis Arena. “Hey Hey Hockeytown” is one of the songs played, which, while I don’t like it because I don’t like the Wings, is a good song for Wings fans.

UPDATE 10-10-2012: The previous link died. Here’s a new one.

Edmonton Oilers

This horn blasts a high G, with lower E undertones, which I think works pretty well for a celebratory event. Not very intimidating, though. More annoying than anything.

I distinctly remember Skyreach Centre (I know it’s now called Rexall Place) doing its best to try and intimidate the Stars in the first round of the 1999 Stanley Cup Playoffs by blasting the goal horn as long as the Stars did, which, was pretty long. Didn’t work, though.

Edmonton recently changed their goal song to “Lonely Boy” by “The Black Keys,” and frankly, I’m glad they did. Not really the biggest fan of the song that’s in the video posted above.

Florida Panthers

The Panthers have a horn that is similar to both Minnesota, Atlanta (oh…oops), and Phoenix. The higher note in this horn is a G# (I can’t make a flat sign on a keyboard), while the lower note is an F. Those two frequencies complement each other pretty well, and at lower octaves, can be a loud horn.

The Panthers version of this variant is very loud. Once the Panthers score a goal, you pretty much won’t hear anything else, as it drowns out pretty much everything. What makes this version unique to the Panthers is the panther growl after the horn blast. I can appreciate something like that.

Oh, and “The Whip” is the goal song.

UPDATE 10-10-2012: The previous link died. Here’s a new one.

Los Angeles Kings

Some people may disagree with me on this, but I think this horn is so much better than their old one. It’s a pretty damn loud train horn, and the sheer shrill of it leaves opposing fans, like me on occasion, rather unnerved.

Like every team in Los Angeles, Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” is a part of the celebration, as it follows the goal horn. And then there’s this instrumental rock beat that plays afterwards that gets stuck in your head as soon as you hear it.

What you don’t see is what the Kings play on their scoreboard, which are clips to movies or television shows featuring people dancing around in jubilation, which is pretty funny to watch, actually. Even as a road fan, I laughed watching that.

UPDATE 2-13-2013: Link died, and is now restored.

Minnesota Wild

The horn is a variant of what the Florida Panthers use. Except, Minnesota has always blared it three times, and they don’t add any animal sound effects afterwards.

Other than that, there’s not too much that stands out with this horn, really.

The song allows fans to sing along to, which is nice.

I wish I had more to say about this horn, but I just don’t for some reason.

UPDATE 10-10-2012: The previous link died. Here’s a new one.

Montreal Canadiens

I’m not a fan of this one. It’s high-pitched, and the fans can easily overpower this horn. In fact, when I first saw a Canadiens goal, I didn’t hear it. I didn’t believe they had one. That is a lot of credit to that fanbase, though, to cheer that loudly when a goal is scored.

The song, however, is kind of cool. It’s got a place for fans to sing along to, and 20,000 fans singing in unison is really awesome to hear. And, it’s in a very easy range, so everybody can sing along!

They used to follow their goal horn with U2’s “Vertigo,” which is not a goal song. Whoever thought that was a good idea…no. Just no. I’m glad the team reverted back to the song posted.

End of Part One.

Stay tuned for my breakdown of the second-half of every NHL goal horn. What is your favorite horn I’ve discussed so far?


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  1. theres a dead link in the CBJ section and the LA kings video got removed

  2. The Panthers changed their goal horn to RRP2:

  3. The LA Kings use a Nathan K5LLA and the Canadiens use a Nathan K3H.

  4. best goal hoarn ever

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